The dominant planet of the Polus system, Coeus is the site of many respected universities, research labs, and other scholarly institutions. Much of the planets food needs are met by its own aquaculture and agriculture, and any additional food is imported. Its interplanetary economy is purely based on tertiary and quaternary functions: education, research, tourism, libraries, and databases.


About the size of Mars, Coeus's surface is about 91% water, and it has a tropical climate. It has three small continents, each about the size of Australia, located almost equidistantly along the equator, and many small islands surround them and fill in the space between them. The beaches are primarily white sand, and tropical vegetation is prominent. Many of the smaller islands have lagoons. The water is usually calm and glassy, and the temperature in the inhabited region is usually between 17 and 37 degrees Celsius (62 and 99 degrees Fahrenheit).


Coeus is a democratic republic. Any citizen with a degree from a recognized college or university may vote to elect officials for the planetary government, which then appoints regional governors, who then appoint city officials.