The dominant planet in one of the three core systems of the Federated Triarchy of Systems (FTS), Eir's primary industry is the provision of humanitarian services, such as healthcare and basic education. Much of the planet is covered by hospitals and schools, and an equally large portion of the planet is covered by farms, allowing it to produce its own food supply.


Eir is a smaller planet about the size of Mars. There are three main continents, and almost 80% of the planet's surface is covered by oceans, lakes, or rivers. Most of the planet enjoys a tropical climate and tropical vegetation, with more temperate crops growing toward the poles.


Like the other three core systems, Eir's government rules the entire system and is an oligarchy based its primary industry. It is ruled by a council of twenty-one members who are the administrators of the hospitals, schools, foodbanks, and training facilities of the planet. Three of these representatives represent the system on the FTS council.