The dominant planet in one of the three core systems of the Federated Triarchy of Systems (FTS), Mímir's primary industry is business management. All stocks, money, and business information in the FTS pass through Mímir at some point. All major corporations have their headquarters on the planet, and its banks are the most secure in the galaxy. Because of its close partnership with Týr, it also has the most effective security and police forces in the galaxy. Most of the planet's land is covered by beautiful glass and marble buildings that serve as office buildings, headquarters, banks, and apartments.


About the size of Earth, Mímir's surface is almost 85% water, and the only landmasses are long thin islands sometimes connect by bridges. Islands are range in length from five to four hundred miles long and one to fifty miles wide. The terrain is mostly rocky and in some areas mountainous. Waves are generally between two and eight feet high, and the water is dark. The temperature is usually between -1 and 17 degrees Celcius (30 and 50 Fahrenheit).


Like the other three core systems, Mímir's government rules the entire system and is an oligarchy based its primary function. It is ruled by a council of twenty-one members who are the most intelligent and successful businessmen on the planet. Three of these representatives represent the system on the FTS council.