The dominant planet in one of the three core systems of the Federated Triarchy of Systems (FTS), Týr is a military planet responsible for training FTS soldiers and producing FTS weapons, ships, and other military technology. Most of the planet is covered by factories, research facilities, army camps, and military academies.


Eir is a planet about the size of Earth, but it has only two equally sized continents. Together, these two continents cover just over 70% of the planet's surface. One continent is mostly desert and mountains, while the other continent is mostly jungle and lakes. Facilities are spread over both continents, as well as many islands, but Týr has a circular main complex roughly the size of Texas in the middle of its jungle continent. Týrs atmosphere is 76% nitrogen, 22% Oxygen, and 2% other gases.


Like the other three core systems, Tyr's government rules the entire system and is an oligarchy based its primary function. It is ruled by a council of twenty-one members who are the highest ranking officers and administrators of the FTS military. Three of these representatives represent the system on the FTS council.