Player Name: Tan, Joshua

Character Name: Varian Allana Rand

Character Age: 27

Planet of Origin: Coeus

Past/Current Occupations (if applicable): Scientific researcher

Role on the Team: Con Artist

Primary Weapon (if applicable): Pistol

Secondary Weapon (pistol or knife) (if applicable): Another Pistol

Backup Weapon (pistol and/or knife) (if applicable): (waiting for approval)

Biochips: Memory Chip and Muscle Memory Chip

Any Other Relevant Information: Intellectual con. Hard worker and relatively good student while in school, came from an ordinary middle-class family, first major con was to get into university without having taken the necessary tests (did this to prove the system flawed, not because she couldn't pass). As a scientist, she disliked the secrecy and possessiveness in research, and turned to occasional cons just to work around copyright law. Works for several rivalling firms as a low-ish ranking intern nobody to get around to con her way into things. She is a generally normal person that supposedly makes the mass of society and nobody notices for no particular reason and uses that as an edge in cons. Does not like using facades, and always tries to use genuine behaviour to get things to go her way. Has several big secrets and many low level secrets that even the firms deem barely useful, and doesn't dare sell the information because it isn't worth it (she hopes to integrate them into her own research and fine touches on other projects or wait for something to become important)