Player Name: Victoria Marinov

Character Name: Zayin Blackhurst

Character Age: 27

Planet of Origin: Mímir

Past/Current Occupations (if applicable): Former cyber-espionage agent, current computer programmer.

Role on the Team: Hacker

Primary Weapon (if applicable): Pistol.

Secondary Weapon (pistol or knife) (if applicable): N/A

Backup Weapon (pistol and/or knife) (if applicable): N/A

Biochips: Memory, Interface.

Any Other Relevant Information: She is a systematic extrovert, and doesn't reveal a huge range of emotions. She's mostly approachable, except when intensely focused on a task. She's led a fairly normal life, growing up as an only child, graduating university, then working for the government. While working there, however, she got tangled in some shady business with the underworld, and chose to quit everything and start over. She now works as a freelance computer programmer.